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Why did we decide to start production of ORGANIC FERTILIZERS?

One of the basic factors shaping the fertility of soils is the content of organic matter. As a result of the decomposition of organic matter, a part of the resulting compounds is the starting material for the formation of humus in the process of humification and the construction of bodies of soil organisms, and some mineralization to simple compounds used by plants. Humification and mineralization of organic matter are continuous processes, the intensity of which depends on the amount of organic matter introduced and the activity of soil microorganisms. The use of excessive chemization and mechanization leads to soil degradation, decrease of humus content and deterioration of physical and chemical properties of the soil. Most Polish soils are poor in humus. Depending on the region, soils with low humus content, with a humus content below 2%, constitute 40-72% of arable land. To improve the soil structure and enrich it with nutrients in cooperation with the Institute of Horticulture, we created FERTILAN L and EKOFERT L. organic fertilizers.


FERTILAN and EKOFERT are natural fertilizers, created without the use of any artificial additives. We use them to provide the land with all the necessary ingredients needed for the proper development of plants and improve their properties.

Advantages of using organic fertilizers FERTILAN and EKOFERT:

Do you care about yield and quality? When using our fertilizers, you can talk only about the advantages. They concern the improvement of soil properties, improving its structure and, above all, creating more favorable conditions for the life of microorganisms that will contribute to better soil functioning. Our fertilizers not only prevent the loss of caries but help in its reconstruction. In addition, they repair most of the negative effects of using mineral fertilizers.

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Organic fertilizer FERTILAN

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