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worsted wool

WOOLINY standard & WOOLINY mini

It is an excellent intermediate which is suitable for the production of yarns, nonwoven and felts. The worsted wool is also used for plaiting blankets and creating various types of handicrafts. You can buy skeins in the standard or mini version, depending on how many meters you need and what width you want the woven things to have.

sheep’s wool

It can be bought in natural, whitened or colored color, it is perfect for knitwear, nonwovens and felt. We sell our wool in skeins with a thickness between 22 and 38. It is an excellent material for various types of handicrafts. See how cool it is to create something yourself.

woolen nonwoven

thin & thick

This material is widely used in various industries. They are used in the creation of thermal insulation, as well as soundproof floor coverings. What's more, you can use them in gardening, where it is suitable for protecting plants from the cold, but also as a mat that prevents the formation of weeds.


Fertilan & Ekofert

The goal of our company is to create ecological products from natural resources. We create multi-component bio fertilizers as well as biodegradable nonwovens. In this way, our customers can grow tomatoes in natural conditions, as well as all other vegetables and fruits. Bet on organic farming.

felt wool

with a weight of about 500g/m2

It is extremely soft and plastic, allowing you to easily form different shapes. Woollen felt is particularly appreciated by people professionally involved in the production of this type of handicraft. Its great advantage is also that it does not extend or deform, in our offer you will find a wide range of colors.

Here you can use the following services:

comprehensive wool processing

washing, coloring, carding, combing

dry biomass pelleting

pellet 4-6mm, feedstock: Lucerne, straw, dry biomass, quantity: even to 2000 t/m-c


in service we will pack raw material from dry biomass in different packaging, i.e: boxes, plastic bags, small sachets - according to your wishes

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Marta Podołowska

Marta Podołowska

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Anna Barańska

Anna Barańska

Product Manager


AGRO products / pelleting services

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